QUILTmania - issue 145

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In your September-October 2021 issue :

  • Portrait of an artist : Deborah Dorward author of the book “Stitches of Time”
  • Exhibition : The Quilt Festival, Birmingham by Carol Fieldhouse 
  • Collection : Hartsfield (1850-1920) African American Slaves Quilts by Jim Tharpe
  • Textile Stories : Quilts Commemorate post-civil war America by Lynne Zacek Basset
  • Quilts Home Tour at Kathy Metelica Cray’s
  • Ask the Expert : reminder on fabric dimensions and cuttings Carol Veillon

Your quilts and patchwork projects with patterns and explanations:

  • Mystery Quilt, fifth part by Nathalie Méance for La Fée Pirouette
  • Alexandra by France Aubert
  • Euphemia by Sharon Keightley
  • As cunning as a fox by Olesya Lebedenko
  • Big Cheese by Dianne Harris
  • Prussian Blue by Annette Plog
  • Vive le vent by Anne-Marie Saudo