Pre Orders

Why a fabric pre-order?

There are few prints in the majority of quilting fabric collections.  When they are gone, they are gone for good.  By placing a preorder, you will getting the fabric you love as soon as it’s released.  When pre-ordering, please know that you are reserving your fabric by paying for a listing up-front before Quilted Connections receives the fabric collection.  As soon as the fabric arrives, we will ship it immediately. 

Sometimes fabric manufacturers may face delays or mis-shipments beyond our control.  We try our best to meet the expected delivery dates we provide on our site, but if there is an issue with your pre-order (i.e. delays, missing pieces, defects etc) we will contact you immediately to make you aware and work to find a fair solution.  Preorder sales are final and cannot be canceled, altered, traded or combined with other orders. 

Please place “in-stock” orders separately from pre-orders.  Thank you for your understanding.