For Instructors



Teaching Program

We are so excited to have you on board to share your passion, expertise, and knowledge with our quilty/sewing friends! Thank you so much for choosing Quilted Connections to be your platform for teaching! 



  • Fill out the online teacher form thoroughly
  • Make a sample (if not already made) – must be made at least 30 days prior to class (more time would be optimal to ensure adequate advertising and class sign-up)
  • Submit a professional looking photo that we can use for advertising
    1. If you cannot take a photo, please send to Quilted Connections and we will photograph it for you
  • Submit a catchy description of your class (see teacher form)
  • Have a handout prepared for class (if applicable)
  • Present and demonstrate each step of the project in class
  • Must promote Quilted Connections/Class on social media (share/tag/post)
  • Add-ons or extras to talk about/promote/sell during class (see teacher form)
  • Students receive 15% off class supplies


  • Teachers will receive 80% of the paid class fees.  
  • Supplies needed to make the class sample can be purchased at 50% off; teacher has option to keep the sample (Must round up to the nearest ¼ yard. Ex: pattern calls for 1/3 yard- we will cut the fabric for the sample at ½ yard. **This is because we only sell in ¼ yard increments.)
  • You will receive 30% off all regularly priced merchandise while teaching at least 1 class per quarter
  • You will receive a 1099 tax form (if applicable)


Based on your class, you can set the minimum and maximum number of people you would like to have in your class. Currently, we are doing virtual classes via Zoom.  You have the option of requesting a moderator for your Zoom session, so you can focus on teaching.  Just let us know and we will accommodate.   We may offer in-person classes once there is a lull in the pandemic.   

We are striving to have classes every month and would like to schedule classes 30-60 in advance so we will have ample time to promote and advertise for the class.  Of course, there are always exceptions! 😊 


Thank you again and we can’t wait to have you on board! Click here to submit your class.


Tara and Brian


*Quilted Connections reserves the right to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances.