About the Owners

I love interacting with other people in the quilting industry, but I know the hard work that comes with owning a brick and mortar store, I figured I could do a smaller scale online store and share products and designers that I LOVE with all quilters. I had a conversation with Tara about doing a online shop and well... here we are!!
My love for sewing started in high school. As I got older, I would buy quilts, but I always wanted a different color or a different pattern. I decided to try my hand at quilt making so I could make the quilts I wanted in the colors that make me happy. That is how my journey started which turned into a passion. 
When my quilting journey began, I wanted to make a blanket for a friend who was having her first baby, but being a longtime knitter, I didn’t have much time to knit something for her. My mom suggested making a quilt. From cutting that first piece of fabric to sewing the first seam to quilting the baby quilt top, I was smitten with a craft that would quickly become a passion. 

When I met Brian, I instantly knew that we would be lifelong friends. Our love for all things quilting brought us together and when he wanted to start an online store, I quickly jumped at the chance at helping him. One thing led to another and here we are together… it was just meant to be.